direct Clients

When Orbit Interactive started, we fulfilled campaigns for multiple Radio and TV stations as their backend or White Label provider. Over the years, we have had former media employees leave and move to direct clients and before long we had Orbit Direct.
Today, about half of our business is in Direct advertisers that purchase products and services through our Client Portal. We provide product training, review, dashboards and a personal Account Manager and Ad Operations staff to make sure your business is taken care of.
Like our white label business, you will get very competitive pricing. You will find our prices typically half of what most media companies charge. This allows your marketing budget to go farther; we also share industry changes and knowledge with our clients allowing you to try the latest in products sometimes for free.

we have for you

Over 180 products and services
6 to 7 new products each year allowing your teams to stay ahead of the curve and your competition.
Personalized Dashboard for you campaign

We are your in-house team!

Orbit Interactive becomes you inhouse digital team not only for processing orders and building out campaigns, but we will even provide you with planning and media development as well as production all under the label of your business. We can make custom emails and even portals for other staff or clients. In the end we can be your full-service digital ad agency or partner.
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