Agency Clients

When Orbit Interactive started, we fulfilled campaigns for multiple Radio and TV stations as their backend or White Label provider. Over the years we have had former media employees leave and move to local Ad Agencies and before long we had Orbit Agency. This has been a blend of white-label for some agencies and for others a partnership where we are brought in as their digital arm.
The good news is that no matter how Ad Agencies have worked with us, they are able to not only provide access to over 180 products and services in the digital space, but they can also bring that level of digital experience and knowledge to their clients. This has allowed them to grow their media spends and help clients become more successful. Additionally, because of our aggressive pricing, agencies have been able to mark-up our services to make more than a standard 15% margin turning digital into an additional profit center for several of our firms.
Our services are perfect for agencies that prefer a white label relationship that is easy or a partnership relationship where we work as your digital agency hand-in-hand that allows you to separate the digital business while still profiting this is possible. This allows any issues to be our issues and not reflect on your relationship. This type of relationship–while a bit more challenging — can be very effective as it forces our team to be more hyper-focused on the accounts needs as we have a more vested interest.

our data, your label.

Orbit Interactive still can provide an agency with a Custom Client Portal, Dashboards, Account Managers and Ad Ops Team members but also the sales and marketing knowledge needed for media planning and account development and growth.
We make white-label easy and effective.
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